22 Jan 2022
    Dear reader,  This week we dived into our new programs for the new year: TEE & TESOL (adult programs) are on campus and run for 2-3 weeks here at the English Village.  TEE & TESOL are adult language programs that allow Korean English teachers to acquire a teaching certificate from…

  2. Jeju-do

    10 Jan 2022
    Hello friends We have returned from our holiday break! We were on vacation from December 23 - January 5th in that time we celebrated Christmas with our fellow teacher dormies here at DGEV, zoomed with both our families, had an incredible Nigerian dinner with friends, then jetted off to Jeju…

  3. Library Books

    08 Jan 2022
    Hello friends I’ve been wanting to make this post for a while now. This post is dedicated to Eric’s Library class activity, that he created, and I have now implemented in my classes - create a tiny book!  It’s been a very rewarding activity for this subject. Library as a…

  4. 설악산 Seoraksan National Park

    19 Dec 2021
    Dear reader,  Previously on the blog was my Uljin STEAM trip recap, there I mentioned, we were granted the Thursday and Friday off of that week since. Eric and I decided to take advantage of the long weekend and getaway. I perused through the Lonely Planet Korea book and found…

  5. Uljin, SK

    12 Dec 2021
    Dear Reader,  Eric’s family had a tradition of being around the dinner table and going over the day’s events. They had a game for this, and it was called: “Highlight, Lowlight, Lightlight” (Lightlight being odd, weird, or something funny.) I’m going to do this for our STEAM trip to Uljin…

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