1. Witherspoon

    Date 25 Apr 2019
    West Seattle.  A sunny day dressed in our brightest colors. Maybe. Friends gathered at Marination Station, whose notorious sliders, tacos, eats drew a line that stretched across the parking lot not an hour after our arrival. Saturday morning, we were bright and early at 10am. It was our last day with…

  2. Soapstone Woodland River Retreat - Oregon

    Date 25 Apr 2019

  3. Crohn’s - Iron is Important

    Date 16 Mar 2019
    Some of you know me, some of you won’t. In this blog post I want to detail my health journey this past year. I recently found out I was severely anemic and it’s been a journey as to find out why & how I ended up with a visit to the…

  4. Disposable Camera 2018-2019

    Date 26 Jan 2019

  5. Hawai’i

    Date 26 Jan 2019
    We vacationed to Hawaii at the end of November to spend time with Eric’s family for a very relaxing post Thanksgiving and pre Christmas get-away/family-time visit.  Here are some highlights.  Please enjoy Eric’s video of our trip. You should watch it for the shots of sperm whales & the horse–just saying.…

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