1. Yulgok Elementary

    24 Oct 2021
    Dear Reader Another 3-day STEAM under our belt, we ventured to Gimcheon (city) to Yulgok Elementary from Monday to Friday to teach 5th-grade students English classes. It was another fun experience, it never gets old walking into a brand new school with butterflies in your belly not sure what to…

  2. Medical Help In South Korea

    11 Oct 2021
    Dear reader This post is about my experience this week of navigating getting a prescription from my South Korean doctor and everything else that happened around it. If you interested in medical stuff, please read on.Let's start from the beginning: I had the day off, plans were to take the…

  3. Fatima Hospital Daegu

    04 Oct 2021
    Good morning reader,  This last week felt like we are fully integrated into our teaching, schedules, and settled here at DGEV. One last integration for me is getting my medication finalized here in South Korea.  We set up Korean phones a few weeks ago with Korean SIM cards, I then…

  4. Andong Hahoe Folk Village

    23 Sep 2021
    Dear Reader,  Well, we did it, we successfully traveled inside of South Korea, outside of our school, and city, to a new area and explored a beautiful part of the country. We feel successful and inspired. A month ago I heard we would be having a long weekend for the…

  5. Daegu, Week Of Teaching

    20 Sep 2021
    Dear reader,  A low-storied week and we are traveling this weekend for Chuesok! More to come. 

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