1. Leaving Korea - a travel story

    2022-10-17 02:17:39 UTC
    Hello friends Time has flown. So much has happened in the two months since I updated here last. The silence, big experiences, little time. Here I am now to leave my last post of Korea and reminisce about the fleeting moments of August in Korea. Where to begin? There is…

  2. Last 35mm of Korea

    2022-10-09 22:17:37 UTC
    Hello friends Well, quite a bit of time has passed, we are in Colorado, USA and I finally got my film developed here. I wanted to share these last shots of Korea as we traveled for two weeks with Eric’s mother and brother throughout Korea. Our goodbye tour was packed…

  3. Ulleungdo - 울릉도

    2022-07-31 10:48:06 UTC
    Dear reader,  Well, we completed our last vacation here at DGEV before we leave! We took a long four-day vacation to go visit Ulleungdo (“Do” 도 means island in Korean.) Ulleungdo is a volcanic island and looks straight out of a Jurassic Park movie. It is a small island with…

  4. Korean Elementary Education

    2022-07-10 23:35:50 UTC
    Dear Reader,  We are a month before the end of our contract here at Daegu Gyeongbuk English Village. We are counting down our weekends, there are four. This post I wanted to express the love and affection I have come to have for the Korean education system we've experienced, and…

  5. 35mm Korea Explorations 2

    2022-06-24 22:49:11 UTC
    Hi friends We are down to 44 days left working here at DGEV, 59 days left in Korea. I’ve got loads of photos to take and I’m working on a portrait project that (I got a sneak peek to this weekend) and I am giddy to share. But that will…

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