1. Crohn’s - Iron is Important

    Date 16 Mar 2019
    Some of you know me, some of you won’t. In this blog post I want to detail my health journey this past year. I recently found out I was severely anemic and it’s been a journey as to find out why & how I ended up with a visit to the…

  2. Disposable Camera 2018-2019

    Date 26 Jan 2019

  3. Hawai’i

    Date 26 Jan 2019
    We vacationed to Hawaii at the end of November to spend time with Eric’s family for a very relaxing post Thanksgiving and pre Christmas get-away/family-time visit.  Here are some highlights. 

  4. Movin’ On Out

    Date 19 Jun 2017
    We moved to Livermore, CA in 2014 to help Eric’s uncle Brad build a house. This was leaving Eric’s grandparents house in Basalt, CO and our drive to the west coast. Charlie (our cat) made it along with everything packed into just our two cars. [Body of work title: “Livermore”…

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