1. Movement to a New City - Reflected

    29 Apr 2020
    515, Seattle, WA, ‘the Fairmont’ I look back on this time, and for me, it’s a learning lesson of how to integrate into a new neighborhood and space, and how to make friends. I look back on what Eric did in the beginning and what I did or didn’t do.…

  2. Pacific Northwest Exploration

    19 Mar 2020
    I wanted to cover a few of my favorite places that we got to explore this last fall. September Eric & I traveled up to Orcas Island with our friends Chrissy & Tom and stayed at the Doe Bay campgrounds–a deluxe camping experience. November, I went up to Mt. Rainier…

  3. The Jacobs Family

    10 Jan 2020
    I had the privilege of growing up in a big family. My mother was one of ten children, and one of two sets of twins. Twins run in the family: my grandfather Walter P. was a twin, my uncles, my mom and her sister, then she had me & my…

  4. 2017 - Seattle, WA

    10 Dec 2019

  5. Put A Face On It

    10 Dec 2019

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