My work is open and lonely at times, emphasizing singular moments rather than crowds, indulging not in what humans are doing but how what they have done exists afterwards. My work is pale and full—full of space, full of what is there in life and also the strange spots where things don't exist. Where is the ghost sitting on the couch? Who was in this yard years ago?

My work is native to the life I've lived. It is northern: full of room, at times bare or open, at times serious. It is full of life, however. I do not aim for symmetry always but find comfort in it. My work is static and unmoving, in hopes that the frozen thing explains what came before; in hopes that the action that brought it to where it is will be imagined  by the viewer, and through their involvement, made more valuable. 

My artistic pursuit is to chase the strange and insubstantial among the common places we walk. 

My work for others is intentional, stripped of exaggeration in favor of the truth. What does this look like in it's native stance, I ask? 

I always have a vision before I close the shutter, which is a blessing and a curse, like all things. 

– Words by Eric Westerlind

Alyssa Bozekowski is a photographer from Minneapolis, MN based in Colorado.

Fond of the open prairies of North Dakota where she grew up, you'll find her taking pictures of open spaces, national parks, dogs, her cat Rhea and everything in between. 

Baking, old cameras, animal rescue, gardening and music are a few of her favorite things to discuss. Either way, would love to chat about new projects and if you're interested in collaborating!

BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Photography.
Studied at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany abroad.

Volunteers at the Photo Center of the Northwest & Seattle Art Museum.

I'm equally comfortable with analog and digital, and use both according to the needs of the project.

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