1. Arrival: Daegu, South Korea

    15 Aug 2021
    Dear Reader We have arrived. We landed in Seoul, South Korea on July 25th at around 4 pm SK time. It was an 11-hour flight, we left Seattle at 1 pm Saturday, Aug. 24th, we traveled for a little more than 24 hours? I’m writing this entry 20 days into…

  2. Don’t Stop Going Out

    27 May 2020
    I remember Juliette asking me: do you feel like you come out on these hikes with me: I can never tell if you actually like climbing peaks, or if you don’t like to stop.”That’s loosely verbatim The hikes she took me on were the best she could muster. Driving in…

  3. Movement to a New City - Reflected

    29 Apr 2020
    515, Seattle, WA, ‘the Fairmont’ I look back on this time, and for me, it’s a learning lesson of how to integrate into a new neighborhood and space, and how to make friends. I look back on what Eric did in the beginning and what I did or didn’t do.…

  4. Pacific Northwest Exploration

    19 Mar 2020
    I wanted to cover a few of my favorite places that we got to explore this last fall. September Eric & I traveled up to Orcas Island with our friends Chrissy & Tom and stayed at the Doe Bay campgrounds–a deluxe camping experience. November, I went up to Mt. Rainier…

  5. The Jacobs Family

    10 Jan 2020
    I had the privilege of growing up in a big family. My mother was one of ten children, and one of two sets of twins. Twins run in the family: my grandfather Walter P. was a twin, my uncles, my mom and her sister, then she had me & my…

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