1. Andong Hahoe Folk Village

    23 Sep 2021
    Dear Reader,  Well, we did it, we successfully traveled inside of South Korea, outside of our school, and city, to a new area and explored a beautiful part of the country. We feel successful and inspired. A month ago I heard we would be having a long weekend for the…

  2. Daegu, Week Of Teaching

    20 Sep 2021
    Dear reader,  A low-storied week and we are traveling this weekend for Chuesok! More to come. 

  3. Pungcheonpungseo

    11 Sep 2021
    Dear Reader Weeks are flying by, we are now into the swing of things and seems like classes go by in a blink of an eye. We have been to four schools for STEAM Up! Yeongyang, Andong, Gangnam, and Pungcheonpungseo. The last two werethis week Monday-Thursday, two days each. There…

  4. Kyobo - STEAM

    04 Sep 2021
    Dear Reader:  Week 4, done and gone. (–of teaching, 6 weeks of being here.) For my own memories:  2 week quarantine Week 3 - OrientationWeek 4 first week of teaching (3 days)Week 5 second week of teaching (2 days, short, cancellations)Week 6 first week of Steam Up! Last week we…

  5. Journey to English

    26 Aug 2021
    Dear Reader:  Greetings, from our first week of teaching. I am teacher: Alyssa 알리싸, Eric 에릭. The lead-up to teaching on Wednesday was nerve-wracking for me. It was like a really important birthday party; or maybe that I set up a surprise event, and I have everything ready, but now…

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