1. 6th Grade Library Books

    22 May 2022
    Hello friends, Please enjoy these amazing stories from our visiting sixth graders this last week. There are some real gems here, emotional and raw. The last two were the favorites for best drama and story.

  2. Busan 2022 보산

    16 May 2022
    Dear reader,  We made our first trip to Busan this last weekend. Boy, did it live up to the stories.  Eric and I took advantage of a long weekend we had for Korea’s Children’s day holiday on May 5th (similar to Mother’s day but they have a parent’s day and…

  3. The Flipped Coin

    16 May 2022
    Dear reader,  We have decided to come home at the end of our one-year contract with DGEV. This was decided a while ago, maybe a month by now, I had a hard time deciding, Eric made his decision. I was laboring over it, and it was really weighing on me…

  4. Middle School ~____~

    14 May 2022
    Hi friends,  Well, two weeks ago, we had 23 groups of middle school stay at the end of our week. We’ve had middle school students visit a few times but this was my first time with them for the full three-day schedule. At DGEV we have a Career Choices book…

  5. Professor Jay aka “Professor DREAM

    10 Apr 2022
    Hello friends I realized I haven’t told the story of our new endeavor the “You Po Young Project” with Professor Jay (Yoon Jay Young) 윤재웅. We have been working on this since the end of January until now. It has been quite the road getting here. And honestly, it is…

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