1. Pungcheonpungseo

    11 Sep 2021
    Dear Reader Weeks are flying by, we are now into the swing of things and seems like classes go by in a blink of an eye. We have been to four schools for STEAM Up! Yeongyang, Andong, Gangnam, and Pungcheonpungseo. The last two werethis week Monday-Thursday, two days each. There…

  2. Kyobo - STEAM

    04 Sep 2021
    Dear Reader:  Week 4, done and gone. (–of teaching, 6 weeks of being here.) For my own memories:  2 week quarantine Week 3 - OrientationWeek 4 first week of teaching (3 days)Week 5 second week of teaching (2 days, short, cancellations)Week 6 first week of Steam Up! Last week we…

  3. Journey to English

    26 Aug 2021
    Dear Reader:  Greetings, from our first week of teaching. I am teacher: Alyssa 알리싸, Eric 에릭. The lead-up to teaching on Wednesday was nerve-wracking for me. It was like a really important birthday party; or maybe that I set up a surprise event, and I have everything ready, but now…

  4. DGEV - Orientation

    19 Aug 2021
    Dear Reader We have exited quarantine! Sunday, August 8th we got a tour of the campus from Brian (academic director) and he helped lug our bags over to our permanent dorms.  It felt good to be out-and-about. We were staring at a part of the campus and wondering what has…

  5. Arrival: Daegu, South Korea

    15 Aug 2021
    Dear Reader We have arrived. We landed in Seoul, South Korea on July 25th at around 4 pm SK time. It was an 11-hour flight, we left Seattle at 1 pm Saturday, Aug. 24th, we traveled for a little more than 24 hours? I’m writing this entry 20 days into…

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