1. Cherry Blossoms

    06 Apr 2022
    Hey friends,  Spring Cherry Blossoms have bloomed in Korea and well… it’s beautiful. Here are some pictures I took this past weekend of all the trees around campus and up in the mountains surrounding us in bloom. Also included a few videos of the campus. It has been gorgeous weather…

  2. February Lull Into Spring Fever

    04 Apr 2022
    Hello friends,  It’s been quite the crazy two months here at the village. I’ve been silent for a while because of many things: the major one being I ended up in the ER (totally fine now), but also work started back up, we’re contemplating leaving or staying, and we’re involved…

  3. 35mm Korea Explorations

    13 Feb 2022
    Dear reader Well, I have some exciting news and so pleased to say: I’ve gotten my film developed here in Korea!! I’ts always a bit nerve-wracking being a film photographer in a new country or new city. Film developing isn’t too common in the USA so I was worried I…

  4. Lou

    13 Feb 2022
    Today I need to write about my sad feelings. They are my sad feelings about the stray cats here at DGEV. We have quite a few, one a multi-colored cat, we call her “mom” or “momma,” as from DGEV lore she’s been around for a while, she’s had many litters…

  5. Piñata Time

    03 Feb 2022
    Hello friends Eric’s birthday: 01/30/2022 turned the big 3.6. Two weeks before I was trying to figure out what to get him for his birthday. Ideas were: snuggie from Jeju we loved, problem is how to order, ordering in Korea is very hard from many reasons. I looked at his…

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