West Seattle. 

A sunny day dressed in our brightest colors. Maybe. Friends gathered at Marination Station, whose notorious sliders, tacos, eats drew a line that stretched across the parking lot not an hour after our arrival. Saturday morning, we were bright and early at 10am. It was our last day with Linzy. Linz who brought us all together. Linz who was leaving for Maine to build a farm, explore robotics, or just to change her life. She wanted a last day on rollerskatess, and Alki Beach and the coastal side of Seattle has that boardwalk feel reserved for cinematic shots of people on wheels. 

What’s different about the cinema here is people are scuba diving in hooded wetsuits and a ferry is shipping people over by the dozens from a long stretch of skyline to indulge in overpriced fish and chips and admittedly good fries. We had Kook. Always eager for a walk.

It was going to be a photography club day, or maybe that’s something I kept trying to project on the day. Someone said we’d be taking pictures (Alyssa), and I conflated that with Creative Club, which Linzy had started. Our last creative Cb, and I remember Linzy pouting or rejected that idea and saying it was only the end of a season of creative club. 

It felt like a day no one wanted to admit would be over. The sun was so warm, and the commentary was gold. We waited for people to show, and then waited for people to show, and then waited for people to eat, and by the time we got on our wheels, it was basically time to leave. - Eric Westerlind

Fortune teller, inspector gadget, gipsy, cinematographer, artist, caring human, woman of the woods, LMLAC, creator.

We’ll see you in Maine, Linz.
Hoping you take work-away’s. 

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